How to Add AI Subtitles in your videos by Wink? – Step by Step – 2024

Whether we’re watching something on YouTube or streaming content on a streaming platform, today’s digital landscape puts video content on a pedestal and subtitles are the key to wider and broader communication. Add subtitles might be a time consuming and tedious task, but with the advent of artificial intelligence, add AI subtitles in Wink became not only effective and efficient but also extremely accurate.

This article is going to show you how to add AI Subtitles in Wink APK, a widely used video editing app that enables you to enrich your videos on the one hand and on the other hand make them accessible to larger audiences.

how to add AI subtitles in wink

What are AI Subtitles?

AI subtitles (Artificial Intelligence subtitles) is a new concept that diverges from the norm of the usual and transforms the digital boundaries into a place where video viewers can enjoy themselves while at the same time having equal access to the videos. 

Add AI subtitles in Wink are able to leverage the powers of highly sophisticated algorithms to accomplish two tasks: for example, it automatically converts spoken content in videos to text format and then it displays that text by the means of text overlays instead. In more readable terms, they are the gremlins out there that allow you to print automatically without the use of any actual persons that need to type the sentences. 

Also finishes the same task in a shorter time more precisely which may be considered the problem in early days. Smart transcriptions stand for having a virtual assistant who will listen to what is spoken in the video and rewrite it into text so that whenever a visitor misses up on a word or two they will still be able to understand what the video is all about.

Steps to Add AI Subtitles in Wink APK 

Step-1: Get and install Wink APK

  • Before artificial intelligence subtitles, wink APK sending from a secure source, that is, Download and installs into your android device.
  • When initially setup, run the app and then you can begin the process.

Step-2: Import Video

  • To add your video to which you would like to add AI subtitles in Wink, click on this button that is labeled “Import” inside the Wink app.
  • By clicking the ‘Import’ button, select any video file from the storage device and give it some time for it to appear in the video editor interface.

Step-3: Enable AI Subtitles

  • To start the procedure, click on the “Subtitles” option and add AI subtitles in wink on.
  • The application will intelligently summarize the audio part of the video and then produce the caption of the dialogue.

Step-4: Customize Subtitle Settings

  • While to add AI subtitles in Wink, you have the chance to tweak the characters, marks, and style-of presentation to serve your wishes.
  • Change the settings that include no bigger than the font, the color, and position to give it good proving and colors.

Step-5: Export Video

  • Adjust the subtitle settings to make sure they perfectly fit in and then preview the video to guarantee that the subtitles correspond with the audio.
  • And when done, just produce the video with AI captions activated and save it on your devices or put it on social media right away.

Benefits to Add AI Subtitles in Wink APK 

  • Time-saving: AI subtitles help automate the transcription follow-up that could be simplified to the point when the user doesn’t need to follow it anymore.
  • Accuracy: The use of machine learning algorithms in the transcription process allows higher precision in reconstructing spoken dialogues in comparison to manual approaches.
  • Accessibility: Add AI subtitles in Wink have a possibility of making videos which can favor a more extensive audience, such as people who are deaf or hard hearing. If you want to compare wink with other apps the you can compare wink vs remini to know the differences of with with other apps.
  • Enhanced User Experience: Out of all improvements that subtitles are offering, the comprehensive viewing experience is the one that is the most important, especially for non-native speakers and viewers located in noisy spaces.

Some Drawbacks to Add AI Subtitles in Wink APK 

  • Limited Language Support: AI captions might come across some restrictions when it comes to translating non-English languages from different regional cultures and dialects while getting the appropriate accent. The outcome of the tool for these languages may be too inaccurate because the system under AI does not support it, or the audience cannot comprehend it.
  • Difficulty with Complex Audio: There is quite a high probability that an AI caption will be inadequate for determining slurred, overlapping, or faint speech. In such cases, the need for manual checks will arise, and there would be no tolerance of even the slightest wording mistake in the subtitles.
  • Limited Customization Options: According to the above advantages, it still dedicates a small space of parameters related to AI subtitles. The problem is that it may be narrow, thus, users may not find it satisfactory because it cannot compare to the traditional mode of editing subtitles by which users would get a wide range of selection available to edit.
Add AI subtitles in wink APK

Common mistakes to avoid

Even though add AI subtitles in Wink APK offer significant benefits, there are some common mistakes that users should be mindful of to ensure the best results. Though AI subtitles are profoundly beneficial, the consumers are still all alone faced with some common blunders to succeed at getting the desired services.

Relying Too Heavily on Automation

  • Those are the amazing AI technologies that, probably, may lead to the situation when the accuracy can be attributable to doubts.
  • Only those who are, by means of AI – based subtitles translation with supervision of a human with their natural talents, can show some defects and flaws.
  • It is necessary to undertake as the second step the manual proofreading and not to let even one fault pass unnoticed by you.

Ignoring Contextual Nuances

  • On the other hand, a caption produced by AI in text formats may have difficulties expressing not only the meaning of the contextual nuances but also the parts of the text including sarcasm, humor, and accents.
  • Afterwards it is implied that subtitling’s accuracy may be undermined as it can overlook implied meaning or proper context.
  • Hence, the customers should check the stuff to be sure and not to make mistakes deliberately by themselves.

Neglecting Proofreading

  • An AI voice-to-text transcription could be automated in seconds, however, there still is harsh work with regard to screening for errors or misstatements and oversights to guarantee their accuracy.
  • Providing a poor or skipping an essential step could emerge while editing as a mistake movie later on must be taken lightly by an audience that is non professional moviegoers.

Overlooking Accessibility Guidelines

  • This can be considered the good side of AI which enables the viewer’s way to access the media easier than before and become fully effective only associated with the accessibility standards.
  • Another thing that we will deal with is the location of subtitles, font size, and the contrast ratio that needs to be adjusted to be readable and should include different types of idea readers.

Tips to Add AI Subtitles in Wink APK 

  • Proofread: There are sure AI subtitles being accurate, however, proofreading it for any errors or meaning distortion is a kind of need.
  • Customize: Customizing the appearance of your subtitles to align with the visual theme of your videos and contain all the information for the viewers is very important. Hence, be part of your branding.
  • Test Different Positions: Experiment with dialog placement(s) so that you can use it on both big and small screens.

Final Verdict

Undoubtedly, Add AI subtitles in Wink provide a perfect and convenient way to add subtitles to the videos, but as a warning, do understand that they have their limitations too. Though they can help save time and effort during the subtitle creation process, it is advisable that users remain alert for concerns of inaccuracy which are mostly in audio and languages that are non-English based. 

Moreover, though Wink aspires to offer various choices of Add AI subtitles in Wink, you so far are not satisfied and therefore prefer the accuracy and more in-depth customization of manual subtitle editing tools. On the other hand, there are some of the downsides to AI subtitles that make their use a very useful tool to improve the accessibility and the reach of the media.


Absolutely, with this Wink APK version, people can have AI subtitles as they like by changing the font, size, color, and position to suit their branding guidelines.

AI created subtitles by Wink APP are usually correct, though you may require to check it for any mistake or inaccuracy.

Yes, Wink APK can add AI subtitles in multiple languages to your videos so that other people can read in the required language.

No feature of ‘AI subtitles’, in Wink APK, necessarily degrades the quality of the video. Subtitles, text overlays that go completely with the video without being modified are displayed.

Although AI subtitles are auto-generated, users are allowed to edit them later to rectify any mistakes or refine the timing of the text while to add AI subtitles in Wink.

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