How to Convert Normal Video to Animated in Wink? – 2024

Up to this time, anime-inspired videos became very popular targeting the audience who enjoy the unique look of these videos and let their minds be occupied with a super good story. And the fact that techniques like computer generated imagery and video editing software can be mastered by many people these days, it is highly possible to convert normal video to animated.

This detailed manual will introduce you to the animation field and show you how to get the Wink app to make your selected videos more creative. Whether you’re a professional or if you’re just curious to see what the hype is about, this is a creative world where we will unlock the mysteries of anime-style video editing and move forward into a surreal world of imagination.

Convert normal video to animated video in Wink

Why we need to convert normal video to animated video in Wink?

First of all, We need to understand what is anime video conversion or why to convert normal video to animated video before we embark on the conversion process. Anime-like visuals tend to be characterized by bright colors, animated characters and action-packed scenes resembling conventional animation. The process of anime-flying to convert normal video to animated consists in applying specific CGI effects and adjustments in order to recreate the amazing look of the anime style.

How to Convert Normal Video to Animated Video ?

Here’s the complete details explained in steps about that how to convert normal video to animated by using the latest version of Wink App. Stay here to know about this whole process.

Step 1:Add the video

  • The first thing to do is to add the video to convert normal video to animated in the Wink app.
  • This can be done by pressing the “Import” button then selecting the given video from your device’s storage.

Step 2: Pick up an Anime To Be As Affected

  • When the video is pasted, you are able to choose from the host of anime effects and filters that are part of the Wink app.
  • This can be done by applying various filters, such as stylization, character animation, and background modifications which are meant to look like the aesthetic of an anime.

Step 3: Processing: Effects and Adjustments

  • Once you select the option of effect in anime, you do so by clicking the buttons located in the app.
  • Wink’s minimalist user-interface makes it simple to apply effects and make alterations to translate the anime photo into reality.

Step 4: Preview and Revising

  • The conversion stage, however, follows where you see the video with the effects already applied.
  • This provides fine-tuning setting adjustments so that the intended view is presented.

Step 5: Export your animated video

  • Once happy with the end result, you can finally export the animated video.
  • Wink provides multiple export variants, thus allowing you to save the video in various formats even in ultra HD quality options to meet your demand.

Tips to Convert Normal Video to Animated ?

Experiment with Layering Effects

Here lies one of the advantages of using anime art – you are not limited to using just pure one effect, but instead, you can always layer multiple anime effects. Completing this effect will result in an amazing and captivating artwork. You can create multilayered videos by combining different visuals. These effects add depth and dimensions to improving video quality its visual results.

Maintain Consistency

Provide us with the uniformity of applying the special anime effects inside the video in order to end-up with the creation of the compelling and the immersive world for the viewers to live in it. This way, the effects are being applied consistently and in turn, help achieve a cohesive look and feel which is indicative of an anime style.

Utilize Animation Techniques

Make the atmospheric aspect of the Vaione style an internal part of your video by using animation techniques in Wink App like keyframing, motion graphics, and animated transitions. Often, these camera tricks make your characters and the areas they move into real. These effects operate on another level, creating more immersion.

Seek Inspiration

Refer to the existing anime series, movies and art pieces as your guide since they will nurture your creativity and help you make excellent choices concerning editing. Learn from your favorite animes how they achieved certain effects through their visual techniques and animation. Use these same techniques in your video editing.

Stay Updated

Make sure to stay on the cutting edge of the times by keeping up with the new ways of editing anime-style videos and the evolving techniques of animation. Watch online courses, tutorials and social media channels for anime editing, to be on mission and get knowledge about the latest tools, techniques and all kinds of new creative possibilities.

Practice Patience and Persistence

It’s not fast and easy to actually make professional anime-like videos, they require a lot of time, effort and numbness of the nerves. The biggest recipe for disaster is that don’t be upset or led down by initial defeats or hardships but treat these as chances to learn and enhance skills. As time passes and you always remain devoted and determined, gradually you will internalize more and more of the skills and succeed in converting your anime videos which then will transform into outstanding visual art.

Pros & Cons to Convert Normal Video to Animated


  • Creativity Enhancement: Using Wink to convert normal video to animated with animation at its base is that you can express yourself in an artistic way, as you take the boring images and turn them into something fascinating to see. It gives the chance to have a huge field of ideas to talk about and more power in communication.
  • Accessibility: The interface and equity tools of wink are both user-friendly and make the website accessible to the beginners as well as the experts of video editing. Through this means, people can create animations in videos, no longer having to have a background or have some form of technicality to do so.
  • Diverse Effects: Wink app offers the largest variety of collected animations and filters for users to play with different effects and styles in the look. There is an array of animation types: from subtle ones to very prominent ones. All these options cover up any project.
  • Time Efficiency: Through the Wink’s conversion process, users just convert their videos into animations and have them over even complex editing without a lot of time wasted. It enables savings of time and hence provides a smooth and an easy creative process flow.
  • Engagement Boost: Animated videos are more attractive and catch the viewersโ€™ interest dramatically which make animated videos much more attractive on social media platforms than traditional ones. The fact that you can be different by using wink to convert your videos to animations implies that you have an image that is also being an eye catcher to your target market client.


  • Learning Curve: The process of convert normal video to animated video files to animations in Wink may initially feel a bit overwhelming, but time and practice will give the users the mastery needed. Indeed, ramps are required for beginner users to realize the interface, learn new features, and take them through the performance of video editing.
  • Device Compatibility: Wink could be limited on some devices which leads to restriction usage for those who need specific platforms to receive and send editions comfortably. Compatibility issues have a high probability of arising, especially devices with long time-frames or that have a non-standard configuration.
  • Storage Space: Storage of the Wink videos could need more space than the regular videos basically because they contain special effects and animation within their context. Those with a small storage space who bought a low spec phone may have to be very careful in their management of files.

Final Verdict

More than just a fun activity, convert normal video to animated style animation with the Wink app can be a very powerful way of unlocking your creativity, and exploring your own imagination in fascinatingly new forms. If your dream is to be a filmmaker, a content creator, or if you just enjoy trying new stuff for your video editing, anime video conversion presents you with a lot of opportunities for artistic expression and storytelling.

So, why wait? Enter the universe of anime video converters now by using the Wink app. At the same moment you get a new level of creativity. Be it social media content, Youtube content showcasing your talent, an anime style video, or whatever creative idea you do, you can take advantage of the power of movie videos. Live the ride, experiment with different approaches, and allow your creativity to burst forth as you set off for the adventure of transforming anime videos into a whole new genre.


Indeed, the Wink app has a bunch of anime effects and filters that could be put on a diverse type of videos to get the anime-style output.

Whereas Wink gives you access to many anime effects, it may still lack effective customization of these effects and how far you can adjust them depends basically on the appโ€™s features as well as the capabilities of your device.

Yes, one can use the Wink function to revert the effects and adjustments applied to the video which makes it flexible to experiment with different settings.

Absolutely, the app includes tutorials and other guidance about how to convert normal video to animated within it so that users can find our way around and get the most out of features.

Yes, Wink provides anime effects alongside assorted tools for color corrections, addition of text as well as transitions to create both memorable and stunning final messages.

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