How to Remove Watermark from videos in Wink? – Step by Step – 2024

Wink, a modern video editor, will bring new capabilities that will give more fun to make videos. Nevertheless a frequent problem that users face when working with the app is that they don’t know how to delete the watermarks from the videos edited in this platform. For whom removal of watermarks from all their videos has become a must for them to maintain a professional look or you one who wants to eliminate the distractions from your videos and hence looking to remove watermark in wink from all videos, the process is reasonably simple in Wink Mod APK.

In this guide on how to remove watermark in Wink from videos, we will take a detailed path where you will learn step by step to remove watermark in Wink Pro APK from your videos.

Remove Watermark in Wink

What are Watermarks?

We will look at watermarks later, now let’s focus on their removal, but firstly, it’s time to understand what watermarks are and why they are used. Watermarking is a very common way of identifying authors or addresses where ads come from (this watermark is typically a visible overlay or logo on the videos). 

Watermarks on video platforms indicate that certain video content falls under a protected intellectual property rights category. Therefore, some users think that watermarks may be unwanted when they want to do something else like illustration, repurposing or editing a video without the watermark.

Methods to Remove Watermark in Wink

Remove watermark in wink from videos can easily done during the video editing process via a couple of ways both of which differ significantly in terms of complexity and accuracy. Hereby, I’ll discuss both methods in detail to make the right choice according to your preferences to remove watermark in wink.

  • Cropping the video
  • Using Clone Stamp Tool

Method-1: Cropping the Video

One of the easiest methods to remove watermark in Wink is by cutting the video and removing the part where the brand is displayed. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to crop a video to remove watermark in Wink:

Step-1: Open Wink App and import video

  • Find the desired video to be edited and through the app’s importing tool.
  • Put it in the app editing interface.

Step-2: Pick the Cropping Tool

  • Uploaded video is cropped using the same tool.
  • Afterward, join the editing menu to select the cropping tool.
  • This tool is mostly presented in the form of a rectangular or rectangular frame of symbols.

Step-3: Use the Crop in Frame option

  • Drag your finger or stylus inside the cropping frame to surround the cropping frame that has the watermark in it for the final watermark effect.
  • Place the cursor in the center and drag the corners or sides of the cropping up handle to adjust the size.
  • Apply a watermark inside of the red frame (cropping area).

Step-4: See the Cropped Video

  • To begin with, change the cropping frame and then preview the cropped video to confirm that the watermark is correctly erased.
  • Take the original video from the start to check carefully whether any of the watermark traces are left or not in the edited scenes.

Step-5: Save and Export the Cropped Video

  • In the end, preview the edited video and if you are happy with the result save the video.
  • Watch the screen prompts and export the cropped video to where you want it on your device storage or to your preferred platform.

Method-2: Using Clone Stamp Tool

Clone Stamp is a more exact tool used when cloning some parts of the video as you can replace the watermarks with specific areas copied. Here’s how to use the Clone Stamp tool to remove watermark in Wink:

Step-1: Open the app and import the video

  • Launch the Wink Premium APK and choose the option to upload the video that has a watermark that you need to remove.

Step-2: Choose the Clone Stamp Tool.

  • Firstly, the Clone Stamp tool should be found and selected under editing from the menu.
  • Such an instrument is typically displayed with its symbol, which is a brush or a stamp.

Step-3: Adjust Brush Settings

  • Adjust size, opacity and hardness of the Stamp tool before using the Clone Stamp tool, so that it fits the characteristics and dimension of the watermark.
  • Streaks may be more suitable for prominent watermarks, while lower multipliers can be used to smooth out the area from watermarking.

Step-4: Paint The Watermark

  • Place the Clone Mask Brush near the area except the watermark from where you will be using it as the source for stamping.
  • Long-press on the screen to get a paint-bucket-like tool which you can then use to paint-over the blemish with the pixels you just acquired.
  • Do the same thing with other places nearby.
  • Create an undercoat, by affecting the wet paint before the main area is completed and doing this repeatedly until the watermark is no longer visible.

Step-5: To check and fine-tune

  • With the area that had the watermark removed, look at the video preview to ensure the stamped area combines with surrounding pixels without any discrepancies.
  • Supplement the invisibility factors introduced earlier, such as contrast, position, opacity, and brightness to guarantee complete concealment of the watermark.

Step-6: Save and Export your edited video.

  • So, go on with the editing and when you are happy with the outcome, save the video.
  • Complete the instructions given to you by the platform to save the video to your device or share it and send it out to others. However, Wink has one another tremendous features is that you can also convert your normal videos to animated videos within few clicks if you want
Remove Watermark in Wink Pro APK

Additional Tips to Remove Watermark in Wink

Remove watermark in Wink Premium APK from videos is a task that could be extremely difficult to handle, but with the appropriate techniques and effective approach, it could be successful. Here, we’re going to explore some more specific tips and approaches for this process to deliver the final attractive object.

Choose the Right Method

  • Proper choosing of the watermark erasing combination is the key to attain excellent results.
  • For example, think of dimensions of logo and its complexity required in the final video after final edit.
  • Whatever the tool might be – cropping, blurring or more advanced such as the Clone Stamp tool.
  • Make sure you are using it appropriately so it suits the requirements of the image.

Take Your Time

  • Remove watermark in wink App can be a hurry, but then the qualitative results may be bad and errors might be expected.
  • Make sure you devote sufficient time to thoughtful and deliberate examination of the video.
  • Carefully follow these simple steps to deliberately start editing this clip.
  • Very vulnerable to making mistakes and not easily noticeable errors, patience and attention to detail are the fundamental aspects for the clear removal of the watermark without the loss of quality of the video.

Use Multiple Techniques

  • While in others, a duet of certain approaches could be very useful since they are the only way to erase the watermark from the video.
  • Try numerous editing tools and ways of doing it to discover the best talent.
  • What is more, you can do that with the help of a certain method, for example, cropping the video to cut the bulk of the watermark and then using the Clone Stamp tool to cover the remaining traces.

Review and Refine

  • Once you have overlaid all the necessary removal watermarks on the edited video, the next phase is to review it critically.
  • Go through the areas the watermark is done carefully to know whether it is gone entirely.
  • If the watermark is dimly seen through the strains, adjust your editing until it reaches its due state.

Final Verdict

Remove Watermark in Wink is a challenging job of humility, concentration, and the right tools that can help you to accomplish your task. Applying the real procedure depicted graphically; you will, therefore, be able to effectively remove watermark in wink and consequently boost the quality of their videos. The tools could be developed in-house or procured from the editing program.

Nevertheless, what matters most is aesthetic results, which require time and varied experimentation. The first thing that comes to mind is that watermark is no more a scare for you, when you can follow these steps to achieve this. Through output, an individual will be able to successfully produce videos that are professional enough.


Indeed, remove watermark in wink for personal use such as meme creation or for editing purposes may be okay sometimes but one must respect the laws related to copyright and properties of intellectual rights. Always obtain proper license or permissions to any copyrighted material if you are contemplating removing a watermark.

Yes, you can find many software online that promise to remove watermark in wink from video. In the same way, you should be aware of the dangers when you employ such instruments, as they could fail to deliver the desired result and could produce a video of poor quality.

Whenever you face an issue while working or learning how to remove watermark in wink, it is very recommended to search for help on tutorials, forums from the internet or professional video editors as well. Often time beholding differences and other perspectives or watching your coach can ease the pain of obstacles and reach the goal.

Yes, you can remove watermark in wink in video perfectly and still have decent video resolution after that. Except that, as a rule, the software consists of editing approaches that vary from cropping to blurring or advanced editing, and in general, all these approaches have to be used to achieve a perfect and professional result with the final product.

Though using watermark removers might not appear to be dangerous by itself, it is advised to examine the possible legal and ethical fallouts. As a general rule of thumb, the only content you can edit or disseminate should be the one that has permission granted to you and you should be aware of the laws protecting the copyright laws as well.

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